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Syed Farhan Raza is the founder of SFR Digital, a growth marketing agency helping companies leverage the latest and greatest content marketing and white hat SEO strategies. Farhan has over 12 years of marketing experience working with small to medium-sized companies including his own like Empower Pakistan, Laundry Wala, Faculty Row, and an E-commerce venture.

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I’m a growth hacker and an entrepreneur. When I’m not working 12 hours a day and 6 days a week helping companies GROW, you can find me bouncing ideas with fellow entrepreneurs in a local cafe or over a phone call.

Syed Farhan Raza is a college dropout turned serial entrepreneur and a growth hacker, helping local businesses GROW using the cutting edge content marketing and white hat SEO methodologies.

Back in the days, Farhan co-founded Empower Pakistan, a social enterprise which got funded by the World Bank and Pakistani Government. He also got his hands dirty in the e-commerce space and an on-demand laundry startup and a few other failed startups under his belt.

Between his consulting engagements and growth marketing company, Farhan’s goal is to help entrepreneurs and local businesses SCALE. He also writes a couple of blog posts per month at his personal blog and some other top publications.

When he is not busy working 12 hours a day and six days a week, you can find him bouncing ideas with fellow entrepreneurs in the local cafe or over the phone calls as he learns more by execution and healthy discussions.


Farhan dropped out of college and jumped into entrepreneurship. He was selling phone numbers. He’d buy them at official price from telecom companies and sell with a margin.

It was early 2007. He broke his fingers every day by sending 3000+ SMS (a day) from an old Nokia 1100 phone when not hustling in streets. All he cared about was SALES.

When the friends of his age were graduating and seeking internship opportunities, he had a company of 10+ headcounts and 1000s of happy customers.

“Break free and follow your passion. That is what matters – not your degree.”, says, Farhan.

Risk Taker

Late 2010, He had no revenue stream neither a huge capital. He cut down his expenses as much as he could: Eating out, using a cab, utility bills and what not.

He worked his ass off to crack the code of Upwork (formerly oDesk) and hired the best minds in the market to provide QUALITY marketing services to his worthy clients.

His agency clocked over 40,000 men hours, working on around 500 projects in just 2 years on Upwork alone BUT… he took a huge risk of shutting down the Upwork agency and started working with direct clients because freelancing portal was good to start but NOT scalable.

SFR Digital, The Growth Marketing Agency.

People’s Person

Farhan saw how the internet changed the life his employees, fellow entrepreneurs, and personally experienced it too. He got together with his cousin friend Syed Sajid Shah and decided to explore the social aspect freelancing and entrepreneurship in general.

They founded Empower Pakistan, a social venture in 2013, aiming and employed and empowered Pakistan. It creates impact through skill development, freelancing training, team building, and entrepreneurship workshops.

He is the easiest person to reach out, connect and talk to. When he needs a break from working his ass off, he packs his back and travel cities to meet entrepreneurs discussing wild ideas (mostly about marketing).